Orchard Bay Holdings LTD of 1974, had shared its discoveries with OBI 1978; and formed "SUPERIOR HULLS INC." in 1996 as the corporate holder of all our private, public, cultural plus goodwill projects listed at this wWw HUB WebSite.

Superior Hulls Inc, as SHInc.BC.CANADA/ISRAEL owns highly valued discovery-based related inventions and innovations which has not yet reached any markets, as we are are holding on to our discovery and its Trade-Secrets, and the company is set to partner by the wisdom of "Pre-Patent Pre-Partnership Method".

"Pre-Patent Pre-Partnership Method Wisdom" on this yet new method can be found @  http://surfins.ca/worldwide/index.php/new-method/ & there is an older website which is now A STATIC website you can see @ http://prepatent.org and you can now  also join the new wisdom's discussion forums @  http://surfins.ca/worldwide/ website we sponsor as well — and also look @  WISE INVENTORS' PRE-PATENT PARTNERING METHOD where the older information and membership was put for wiser Investors & Inventors.

We employ this website here, as our Back-Door-HUB for our own WwW center for information sharing on our few related corporate projects' websites such as our special Open Innovation project of the usciiiiii-code project for Automatic Comprehension - a technology the IT industry has yet failed to deliver as it is a long time dream to link the Human Mind with the Electronic Brain, and we also share  yet new wisdom and insight on The Modern Super Economy Proposal, as well as sociocultural projects like "Recapturing The Twin-Rainbow" which you can search the www (Google it) for its content.  There are links in our related websites, and most can be found by searching among Amnon Mike Cohen and/or Amnon Michael Cohen websites.


"Superior Surface Effects Technologies" & "Superior Flexible Power FINS" are the key products and services which Superior Hulls Inc. owns while as well as seeking now its best proper incorporated partner.

Please visit our Canadian Corporate website, for all original information - documented and printable plus trusted as pure truth is our way of business development and initiations:

Surfins, are added so to lifts any BOAT to FLY on open water & Making SHIPS SURF Forward in open seas...

Our Government-Listed, Canadian Corporate Capability


Introduction to Maritime Opportunity.pdf

Flying Boats & Surfing Ships Opportunity.pdf

Robotic Manufacturing of Advanced Flying-Boats.pdf


SHInc.BC.CANADA: Partner or Buyer wanted for Hand-Fin Project

Our HAND FINS, for Sky Diving, Skin Diving, Diving, Rehabilitation and Recovery, Sports as well as competitions...

A sample of SHInc.BC.CANADA corporate partnership interests in Partnering with Major Manufacturer

To partner with Manufacturer of Personal Recreational Boats and water-toys, we can help Grow Bigger.

SHInc.BC.CANADA/ISRAEL "USCIIIIII CODE" for "Universal Super Natural Language-Tongues" Open Innovation = Public Project...

SpeechTVL  Our USWEATT Automation division for Universal Intelligent Automation of Flexible Nomadic Manufacturing:



SHInc.BC.CANADA "Global Taxation Treaty Proposal 'Earning Taxation Rights for new wealth-pools' for yet New Original Products, Services and Capabilities. Open Innovation = Public Project...

Super Cataclysmic Economy

SHInc.BC.CANADA "Super Natural & Personal" lexical-robotics, for WwW

Bird View Talk

SHInc.BC.CANADA "Cultural Heritage" of truth+fact=history we can trust, so to educate EchoLogical Machines, in our blessed image. Partly Open Innovation = Partly Global Public Project...

SHInc.BC.CANADA, Global Business Agent and friend.



See Our Federal Listed, Canadian Corporate Capability


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