Blessed Brilliant Solution: Originally developed in 1983, yet ignored by others' corporate interests & posted here as initial information-website of this OPEN INNOVATION proposal in 2007 / timely updated as best global opportunity for 2023/5783 and beyond... ...for the creation of Echological Machines.|| עיבוורית, למחשבים חכמנים, בהיגיון בת חכמת האדם ובהד-עד חי =בכל לשונות הבריאה

Universal Standard, Coded Internationally, Intelligent, Intensively Interactive, Information Interchange.  

This opportunity for Universally Intelligent Internet Project, is the most important future-project posted on the www internet - as it is the only and the best possible way to bring all existing cultural natural languages to the level of "Superior Natural Languages_Tongues" within 'One Naturally Universal Lexical Standard' set originally by Creation and evolution of Languages from original Tongues, and is therefore also a blessed solution for universal, intercultural comprehension among peoples as well as echo-logical-machines {Wizened Computer—Robots}.

Universally Intelligent Internet will be possible by employing the EchoLogical Machine solution for Universal natural Logic SynTexting of Intercultural Content, which is yet kept as trade-secret in this yet confidential project, and therefore no trade secrets are posted or shared on the www or here regarding these "Symbolic Instructions and Natural Logic SynTexting' concepts for universal automation by natural human logic.


Please Note:

What Apple, Google, Microsoft and everyone is trying to do with Speech Comprehension & Universal Translation and related technologies, trying to merge the Human-Mind with the Electronic-Brain, may help pave the way for easier transfer into proper future design as proposed by the development of usciiiiii-code.

As The GURU and the inventor, I am employing this way of sharing information in parts and on sections which are related to the few key aspects of the project, including the reasons and justifications from the Moral and Academic reasons as well as Technologic and Factual elements of this more comprehensive Information Technology advanced high tech' solution.

Please overlook the simplicity of these webpages create by old software



!not online!

There are OLD primitive sites for sharing some of the much bigger picture of The Big Story, we are not trying to HIDE but aim to SHARE with PARTNERS to this OPEN INNOVATION based on the success of other Trading plus Cultural Natural Languages, as well as Tongues.


The key objective, is to automate the Intercultural Comprehension of any given wisdom, shared with computers capable of listening, understanding, communicating and working with us, as global, international users clients.

Starting with the understanding, no one yet OWNS A LANGUAGE, this important project has been mistakenly misunderstood, by a greedy and selfish fearful irresponsible entrepreneurs and all who follow VISTA type systems for Virtual Worlds thinking... ...not our real working and living world and lives. These moral considerations, were why we 1st posted these old websites.

These old website are only kept on my computers

@ -404-See Reasoning and Education about GOD Our Creating Machines in our own image, capable of Universal Speech and logic.

@ -404-See older Moral design website

@ -404-Older Academic Design and explanation

Welcome To my seldom updated Information website:

What the industry calls "Universal Speech to Speech" is extended beyond The Look of Universal Speech's LIVE TEXT this innovation and its inventions expend into the finer arts of 'Personal , Universal Intercultural Intelligent Automatic-Comprehension in all natural-languages.' levels of needed natural human machine interface.

Please take note, that The Limitations of English are seconded by the limitations of knowledge to be deliverable by English; as well as the limitations of human imagination and abilities to comprehend beyond what is naturally and factually is true in the existing realm of life's - Universal Natural Communications' telemetries' capabilities!

In simpler terms, there are many sounds in natural languages used by humans as well as other living beings, which are not write-able or expressible by the Anglo-Saxon spectrum of language, which in fact limits English in its true written form as well as actual spoken forms not able to properly document and pronounce names of people and places and many other existing natural vocal expressions.

English, is still like the most modern Babylonian language for computers and peoples as well... Some languages do better, some more some less, but one does stand out next to Mathematics, which is how machines work best.

This invention, deals with extending all natural languages into the full spectrum of human speech and natural logic expressions, and will include all living languages as well in its full and more comprehensive universal lexical code.


This is my original Inventor's Information Home Page for The Universally Intelligent Internet Project & Universal, EchoLogical-Machines.

The limitations of English and ascii code used by computers now, are significantly overcome by employing the proposed usciiiiii code, an advanced code which represents the future and paves the way for the yet next generations of computers and robots we can network in the natural way we network among people, in wireless telemetries including natural verbal as well as written and pictorial ways.

USCIIIII CODE, is yet an advanced and universal special natural communications' code, and referring to USCIIIIII CODE which stands for "Universal Standard Coded International Intelligent Intensively Interactive Information Interchange CODE", and it is a yet new and very special Advanced Lexical Code - offering a solution in the realm of "Super Natural Language and tongue syntexting in natural-logic and by personal voiceprint automatic-comprehension with highest quality intercultural translations' capabilities".

This website, represents the yet most advanced futuristic solution to drive primitive technologies in the art of Human-Machine-Interface by natural-logic and personal-vocal interface in a superior structured lexical format representing full human speech and logic at levels of singing as well as levels of thinking as it is in my proposed EchoLogical Machine development project.

This website is the inventor's private GURU website for information on this highly valued advanced and yet most important project for the future of real miraculous wisdom automated computing.

There is much wisdom in the proposal, as it relates to the evolution of human cultural and working languages as well as to the needed science for universal speech and natural human logic which usually includes judgment or prejudgment plus decisions and accountabilities needed to be automated by written instructions which also comply with the way these are spoken and reproduced artificially in highest Fidelity to our personal voiceprints.

The latest Capability of Live Automated Translation between English and Japanese, is impressive as an a limited capability to deliver what employing usciiiiii code can do for all existing natural languages.

Email to GURU:

עברית ואנגלית הן לשונות שונות להבנה, ורק בעברית האמת קימת בהתאם להיגוּי בקול ובכתב של עובדה ועדוּת מובנת לכל אדם בעולם שבמהרכב-הלשון העברית במוּבני הטבע וטבעו של כל חי, במכסה ההיגיון הטיבעי לכל-חי וההרכב בדיקדוק הלשון והשפה העברית לשמר תרבות שלמה וקימת, גם בתפילה. והאנגלית, ללא סוף מוסיפה מילים בהיגוּי ועיתוּק שונה, כדי להשלים ולהעלות את יכולת הבנתה וביצועיה לשמר תרבות שלמה כשלעצמה דרך המוני מילים ומישפטים ארוכים לסיפור או טענה, בהתאם המילים, ובעייוות מעוּות מהשלם והנכון להגות את הכתוּב בדיבור מוּבן לשוֹמע – וכל זאת, הגם שאין התאמה באנגלית להיגיון האנושי הטיבעי לכולנו, בני האדם ובני האנושוּת

שמות של מקומות בעולם ואו של בן בת שאי אפשר לכתוב, לא עוזר למחשבים חכמנים בהיגיון בת חכמת האדם, שכמו מחשבים של היום, עובדים בכל לשונות ושפות העולם, ולכן אנו מציעים שיטוּף פעולה עולמי לסטנדרד יוּניברסלי USCIIIIII—CODE for universal automation of Echological computerrobots.

Universal Translator, Intercultural Translation, Automatic Comprehension, are concepts included in our proposed:חכמה

NEWER, Richer & True Concise Lexical Capabilities for automation, UNIVERSAL NATURAL—LOGIC_SYNTEXTING CODE 

This Written Natural Speech Format is also the answer needed by existing technologic capabilities developed by others, as parts of the needed way.!



Without these blessings, maybe "Not in our lifetime", but-yet already for 30 years since 1st proposed, accepted and railroaded by selfishness; This is the only blessed Lexical Solution which like math, can RUN computers better then humanly possible but on same natural verbal and printable communication we already employ each and everyday, on International, multi cultural, multilingual basis... ...which, after years of ongoing investment of capital and man-hours, and with much efforts to enlighten others who can but selfishly choose to arrogantly be/stay ignorant, for jealousy plus competitive reasons, mostly.



Please, use our DONATION link to PayPal, and join our blessed important initiative that is not commercially motivated but culturally and economically needed for all trading and communicating people, also alive and well on Earth.


Please also share your questions and impressions, with your contacts as well as us, when you like to know or understand how the magic or blessing works...



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If you care to HELP all future generations' ability to communicate

ON INTERCULTURAL LEVELS of all Natural Languages


So to help create beneficial needed Global Standard

The Universally Intercultural, Super-Natural Languages' Standard



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