Universal Standard, Coded Internationally, Intelligent, Intensively Interactive, Information Interchange.  

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Information on our Inventions

The 2 key complimentary inventions, can be shared first through our specially innovated advancement into "Super Natural Language Tongue"realm of natural human logic in any international trading and cultural language, by employing our proposed Universal-International Lexical Code which offers yet new more specialized and also much more advanced symbolic instructions, which are 100% compatible with all ones we already use here...; and secondly, for sharing the advanced simplified concepts of the EchoLogical Machine computer-design project, where two resident natural languages - can be two of same language or another language - are employed to operate as intelligent lexical automation assistants, alongside the owner/operator/user/authorized guest of any future echological computer-robot capable of running a wise fully automated nomadic in-cell manufacturing plants as to incoming voice and/or text selected orders, automated also for extending specialized corporate automated engineering-services and supplying all products' lines and services of the Flexible Nomadic Manufacturing Plants created by SHINC.BC.CANADA USWEATT Incorporation; capable also at the same time to ACT AS Electronic-Secratary Alive, so to look after all new and ongoing business-development process according to planed flexible diligent implementation or pre-set business responsibilities, with the capability to also manage proper timely ordering and stocking reserved supplies for distribution of manufactured products to its clients!

There are many more related inventions and innovations, sealed within one new utility patent application- and the few to follow will reflect the completed project evolution.

This original design capabilities, are for our use for international manufacturing and distribution of sold goods and services in all natural languages, as we plan to offer our owners, development and management team, and all our clients; starting with the most used languages in the world of cultures and trading honestly in mathematical financial terms, upgrading to natural languages as Super Natural Languages for carefree use by binary logic machines needing comprehension and verbal communications as well as thinking capabilities by employing Natural Logic Instructions beyond:;,. as is in ascii-code limitations. Natural Logic Instructions are needed to facilitate concise mutual understanding by deeper intercultural translations of documents written as data or showing or with intents and expectations of achieving true honest clear comprehension of documents used for trading and cultural or legal or academic and business and regularization governmental documentation related to transactions and agreements between people or any cultural or information or know how to be shared across cultures and languages between people and peoples.

I have found that only Machines in good repair as well as truly honest People, can be trusted to be witnesses to the truth in my proposed blessed solution; and therefore I am posting this small original website for the Universal Standards' Code for Intelligent International Intensively Interactive Information Interchange.



 We stay hoping IBM will see how needed is our USCIIIIII CODE