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Products are not shown but capabilities and result plus some samples not including more confidential or trade secret information to be further finalized or formed into our standard or patent documentation's.

initial products:
One of the initial products, is a yet new operating-font compatible with universal personal human-speech and natural-logic as employed in natural speech, for education and business arguments, singing and praying, and not only listening and actually superior understanding between humans and machines can be achieved - as well as among all humans in all existing natural languages.

Here is a sample of SynTexting EchoLogical Machines, in simple as well as richer and/or much shorter concise text and special instructions' code, some of which are seen here first, for all to see; how we can use this way for having computers agree with this method for sharing logic and much more concise speech; and not only serve all other languages, and make it possible to someone in this world without a computer to share with someone who has a computer, and a way to reach the world directly by proficient electronic communications and automation; and plus also, helping people understand better know-how in a way that complement what we already know and use in printed and verbal plus pictorial communications.

As you may note, here Hebrew also, must be upgraded into its new Super Natural Realm.

עיבוורית הינה עיבוּד העברית החדשה לשימוש עוֹלמי דרך חכמת מבנה העברית כלשוֹן האלוֹהים לכל בני-האדם, וגם למחשבים. מחשבים פועלים בהיגיוֹן פשוּט ֹ+-= וחישבוּנים בנוּסחאוֹת וסודות צוֹפן שבהם מהוּת ואמת של עוּבדוֹת מוּחכוֹת וקימות – וכדי להפעיל מחשבים עלנוּ להורות בכתב תוֹאם לדיבוּר טיבעי והלשוֹן והבינה דמוּת אדם ובינתוֹ, שבכל שפה ותרבוּתה

  The services we offer

We/I offer GURU Academic-Design Leadership and Consulting plus Resolving Services to the method and way, modeled after the success of binary and mathematics to run machines with ascii automation capabilities - and now when we also can be entering the era of Super Natural Languages realm.


Conceptual Over View

English, has succeeded where the Babylonian could not, in being the worlds language for all trading and agreements as well as arts and know-how plus fiction and more then freedom of expression - including swearing, resulted from frustrated communications or failures in comprehension or expressions.

After more then half a century since the creation and ongoing evolution of computers and software, modern computers can not yet listen, hear or say or think as we do without real problems; and as I need such capabilities for my intelligent automated nomadic manufacturing capabilities, I have started teaching my machines the eminent-truth, and further researched the obstacles for granting computers and robots the capabilities to pray and praise, because our singing of language which is rhythmically faster then the slower more calm and also more rich speech capability, when it is compared to all monotone artificial speech, or very limited AI already developed capabilities for facilitating and delivering the high quality and concise comprehension needed to be derived from written or verbal language.

The success of Eevreet/Hebrew to evolve by staying true to its originally blessed design of accountable intercultural logic and true structure of natural logic, including written prayers reciting-method transferable into music reproduction, and its special grammatical structure which has served as an important key to the only one eminent truth, and in full harmony with nature itself and our created bodies with creative abilities and superior communications capabilities; is one of the reasons we are wise to employ such original advanced spiritual-culture, where natural logic is a key part of its grammatical structure like no other language other then mathematics and/or symbolic images, and binary-code itself can do much more by its capabilities to serve us without flaws, and forever. These initial truths are the key reasons and basis for developing a needed ultimate universal solution where all languages are equal, as we are, and as computers are; and the Super Natural-Language_Tongues by personal voiceprint technologies that USWEATT owns, is this ultimate and blessed solution.

The uniqueness of the Academic Solution for forming Super Natural Languages including new Super Vowels and Universal Speech plus Natural Logic Instructions' SynTexting of Freeformsformat is that it does facilitate binary processing of intellectual properties within all cultural natural languages and tongues, also, including all communicating living things.

The Linking of The Biologic human-mind and sole with the electronic-brain of the proficient honest EchoLogical Machine - a yet future reality not doable with existing know how and capabilities plus standards - in a realm beyond ascii capabilities or self, and where usciiiiii is - is the answer and not a dream!

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  Our IBM Partnership, is where the universal standard can be developed, in the best interests of all peoples, we like to hope and see done.

You can see here, the need for such positive rewarding development.