Universal Standard, Coded Internationally, Intelligent, Intensively Interactive, Information Interchange.  
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This is only the 1 initially drafted webpage in the website, and no links to or about products are yet offered -

All this products at this time are available only to partners, and information is available by applicants and questions answered by contacting the inventor and project director for my incorporation.


Here are the key products & services that this project will produce and provide as growth channel for solutions plus answers to as well as for teachings in syntexting concise intercultural transliteration arts, resulted from our objective of Merging the Human Mind with the Electronic Brain.




Operating FONT


Delivering Natural Logic & Prayer


EchoLogical Machines' Design Manual

Is in its Electrostatic and Electromagnetic format


Confidential Information Sharing

Will be Priced as to partnership


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עיבוורית למחשבים חכמנים

 Above are products already developed by SHInc for its future "Universal, Intelligent, Automated Nomadic Manufacturing Technology" and "In-Cell Flexible Manufacturing Capabilities.

These are the open innovation growth plan phases' goals, for original natural languages.

TOTAL Development Costs,

Are expected

under $5,00,000.00


1st Partnership

Last Partnership

Super Natural Languages

The publication describing

The Truth in The Twin-Rainbow

for Human EchoLogical Machine



Hebrew/Eevreet - English Machine


Included on machine

English - English Machine


Included on machine

English_Universal Machine


Included on machine

 Above are products yet to be developed by SHInc and USWEATT Division of SHInc. and our future partners, AS GURU Input into key design features of the original New Miracle Numerical machine.
 Universal_Universal Machine
N.A. Will be Priced Per Client