2019/5779 is the new target time for starting successful international development of the evolution into "wisdom-processing" by "natural logic instructions' syntexting", employing the "usciiiiii-lexical-code for Echological Machines for the successful Merging of the Electronic Brain with The Human Mind.||..הבנה מלאכוּתית, של מחשבות ודברי האדם, שירתוֹ ותפילתוֹ

Universal Standard, Coded Internationally, Intelligent, Intensively Interactive, Information Interchange.
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This is the inventor's GURU website for the project "Universally Wise & Intelligent Internet".

mailto: knowhow@prepatent.org

Contact project director for USWEATT / usciiiiii code iooi@prepatent.org

Located in the city of Victoria

British Columbia


Also located in the city of Hertzeliya



USWEATT Is the Developer of usciiiiii code for Olam_Olameet Computer-Robots' Technologies for Universal Machines modeled after human beings within the realm of nature itself and in free air in wireless acoustic as well as electronic ways, in all languages and according to assigned and resident voiceprints.

SHInc, is a Marine Incorporation with plans for Nomadic in-cell manufacturing plants for production of our flying boats' hulls, by employing our specialized wised computer-robot design for use anywhere on Earth as well as intelligent automated deep space explorations.




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Developers' Site