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Risks of Wrong AI uses

A.I. Unfortunately, CRIME is a way corporations also employ and not only individuals.

In the IT industry, corporations use AI for administrating information gathered on potential clients, and as the capabilities get closer to working so to serve the motivated greed of corporations, there are already warnings on how CRIME can prosper by the ongoing uses of AI, and not to our real benefit as originally expected, to be helpful in improving our quality and safety of life and living.

Greed is already leading to these criminal uses of AI (Which is not safe as our proposed Universal Automatic Comprehension which uses symbolic instructions and not sample-based searches.)


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inventor on :

Agree, with the reservation that there is CRIME which is mostly annoying and disturbing, which is implemented without permission and without invitation to targeted others, which is seen primarly as SPAM and FISHING for unwanted and unwelcomed intents or deviations — while there is punishable hurtful CRIME which is wholly harmful and damaging in its intents for targeting financial, social, personal, political, and any kind of damages to innocent others.
As an inventor, it has always been my concern of wrongful or unsafe use of my inventions, but it is a problem when one say develops a better cutting knife not intended for use as a weapon.

Administrator on :

Our newer website has some other information, found at

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