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Risks of Wrong AI uses

A.I. Unfortunately, CRIME is a way corporations also employ and not only individuals.

In the IT industry, corporations use AI for administrating information gathered on potential clients, and as the capabilities get closer to working so to serve the motivated greed of corporations, there are already warnings on how CRIME can prosper by the ongoing uses of AI, and not to our real benefit as originally expected, to be helpful in improving our quality and safety of life and living.

Greed is already leading to these criminal uses of AI (Which is not safe as our proposed Universal Automatic Comprehension which uses symbolic instructions and not sample-based searches.)

Natural human speech and Natural human logic

Intercultural Translation When we talk, we do have our own voiceprint, and we speak our minds, in one of the many existing languages. Yet, the capability of transferring it to a machine or another language or another person is yet the problem they have not yet been able to resolve or innovate, mostly, starting with the need to understand our created image as humans among all other created.
Sample of Speech

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Limitations of existing A.I.

A.I. The use of ASCII CODE (For English), is the first limitations of developing the actual dream/hope for linking the human mind with the electronic brain.

English can not properly write or pronounce properly even names of people and places without twisting them into its limitations in a distorted way, and computers and more so Binary Code is can not deliver properly Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text where no concise method is provided as in USCIIIIII-CODE.

A.I. is a game like technology, so its reliability is far from ample, farther from good and very far from perfection by employing the wrong ways to try an seem helpful beyond mathematics. As to Natural Languages and Natural Logic, only USCIIIIII-CODE has the insight into the blessed creation ways.

In fact, I can not even write what I can explain by voice and wisdom in person only, by the limitations of ASCII-CODE and English! The reason I had not done what industry has done, by going ahead on the wrong way for greed and monopoly building reasons, is that no one can claim ownership on English or and other of the more than 5,000 Natural Languages and cultures they hold, and this is why I had originally stopped expecting that my Open Innovation will be pursued by a Major respected and Honorable Institution for creating the Universal Standard the Industry has not been and probably will not develop without my very special gifted wisdom. Continue reading "Limitations of existing A.I."

Universal Automatic Comprehension

The concept of "Universal, Automatic Comprehension Capabilities" is what Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been having much truble delivering, because of few important key points all developers has not yet understood.

Here, I shall put some light on where the problems need to be addressed, by my proposed lexical code solution.

1. All natural languages had been evolving by the natural speech capabilities of all peoples and creatures, and structured languages has been developing locally and grew to be national as well as international. There are many different natural languages, more the 5,000 human ones alone, and among all, there are now few well developed and used structured languages and there are many more which are still in use in our world while some are despairing for lack of users, and because some languages are very basic and not sufficient for comprehensive communication needs.

2. The structure of Natural Languages has to follow logical, universal standards for vocal and written lexical code symbolic instructions and grammar structured for concise comprehension so to deliver any idea, data, as knowledge and new arts as well as wisdom.

3. While all natural languages work and many can be seen as equal, the way each does it is not the same, yet some standards are shared by most, and this is where the USCIIIIII SOLUTION starts it proposed solution for "Merging the Human-Mind with the Electronic-Brain".

4. A Universal Lexical-Code Standard is needed so to enable machines to process the Natural Logic and Knowhow shared by us all in the world, and the standard must comply with all existing natural languages as well as overcome the existing limitations and duplication with small differences among most popular global natural languages in use, so that computers and robots as well as people do reach the proper concise comprehension of text and speech shared among us in all the many ways we are communicating in free air, on line, and in print; and such proposed Universal Standard must be capable of upgrading Natural Languages limitations to the unlimited Super Natural Languages level.

5. Compliance with Nature itself, is the best way for us to develop the long standing human dream of creating machines in our own image as we were created in the image creation has made us human.
The concept of EchoLogical Machines, is so that machines will be capable of understanding as humans do, by our Natural Logic trust and verification of truth and facts in reality. We are now in such time that we put a lot of work on machines, but expect human quality or better then human capabilities as a result of our trust in the machines, but machines must have to key tools for doing so, in the best way, and this is what USCIIIIII CODE does, it is the missing link for enabling machines to be not just as honest as these are but to do so as good and better then we can plus faster. USCIIIIII CODE is like paving the roads on the given natural terrain, in the most proficient way and not in a complicated way with too many dead-ends as we see Artificial Intelligence is struggling with.