Surfins are added to any and all boats and also all ships, because it is a result of our yet new original discovery innovated by "Superior Hulls Inc as PowerFins which improve performance and economy plus more fun comfortable ride and all these with yet superior dynamic stability and additional loading capabilities for boats and ships. There are many benefits this invention adds to all boats and ships.

Surfins help boats Fly, and ships Surf. See our Flying-Boats and Surfins-Ships web-site...

Our Mission

We provide 100% help and advice to our partners and clients. We are only happy to be successful with upgrading any and all boats and ships, to gain improved and safer use of its orginal design


Our Services

We provide computerised help and services as well as personal services to our partners and clients.

As a small private company, we hope to grow our reach to all mariners, worldwide.

About our company

Superior Hulls Inc., is a private Canadian registered company. It is owned by the inventor who is living now in Israel, as well as in Canada, parts of the year

We do have a representative of the company at its head office in Canada, all the year.


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Please contact us by email, as we can help you better as well as meet you on line

Our Address

Owner: Superior Hulls Inc. (#12) 44 Ben Gurion St., Hertzelia 4644606 Israel