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WISDOM    Limited to ASCII capabilities
HISTORY On One Hand On Other Hand On Both Hands Our Option Is

  This website is POSTED here but not yet ready as created and functioning on my computer, because the www servers use ASCII CODE and not USCIIIIII-CODE, and simply do not yet take Hebrew as part of the "operating fonts" being employed by the www - so while the website does work well on my computer real fine, it is not working well on the www.
So when you click on the Hebrew Pages you will only get 404 deadends
Welcome to key TRUTH&FACT information I have gathered as historically verified eminent truths by facts we all trust.

This Home Page is created as of 5773/2013 so to replace the website originally created so to share the wisdom and reasons why "Super Natural Lexical Comprehension Code of natural speech and logic has been developed by the blessing to be shared by all our modern trading cultures trust as eminent truth in facts and history of graceful evolution, granted to all by alohino - alohigh.


Amnon Michael Cohen

Wars, by employing economic and by military forces plus political/legal as well as administrative and educational documentations in natural languages and codes; are the sad and wrong ways for 'blessed, human growth plus domination over and of our planet, owned as we believe, by its creator and the sustainer of life on our planet Earth, and seeded by life, yet before our respectful awareness of its miraculousness as nature.
In creating machines in our image to serve us, SHInc./USWEATT Division of automation of ours nomadic-manufacturing plans, is following the Historical and well tested cultural evolution of the special natural language Eevreet/Hebrew which has the special design of natural-logic-comprehension needed in all other languages that are word based but without structured-words' capabilities or very limited such text-to-logic syntexting and comprehension = resulted with "You know what I mean? from what I say or write!? which is needed for computations' automation and safe control of wanted results, proficiently. Proficiency, in lexical codes, is a must, where merging of the human mind with the electronic brain is possible, as with USCIIIIII-CODE proposal for Universal, SuperNatural Languages and Tongues = a blessed and historically correct standard.
Our Flying Over Water discovery based new science, was developed between 1974 and now, but Nomadic Manufacturing Plants of our SUS-YAM FlyingBoats was initiated during 1981, proposed during 1984 till now and yet ignored for greed and ownership related to business issues during our search for suitable partner to the institution of the standard based on our owned corporate proposed USCIIIIII CODE solution.
This must be an Open Innovation yet Global Project we/I have no right to impose a standard, which is not in harmony and respectful of all other existing natural cultures, languages and tongues.

Cosmic + Universal



Sample of Artificial Speech Comprehension SynTexting, of EchoLogical-Machines.
For teaching machines, as well as any 'universal' multicultural humans plus animals, as created, we need to employ the same master natural standard named "Alohim"/GOD of the miraculously existing and living and all that is alive and blessed as good, healthy and wise, originally as culture formed into religion and into science, as we keep up with discovery and its documentation, for all created to benefit from advancements made to secure the continuous sustenance of our most valued special living-planet Earth, plus contribute to the safety and quality of life for all created, by employing beneficial inventions and innovations that are safe and useful, for many people and our shared planet Earth.
Now, please note, the above opening statement, is rich in content of shared wisdom, which does call for better and improved punctuation, as suggested in our USCIIIIII-CODE solution for the capabilities of "Universal, Super Natural Languages + Tongues".
We have added a "Universal, Lexical Code" which adds 'Natural-Logic-SynTexting' capability to all existing natural languages, related or standing alone as 'cultural languages + wisdom'; a yet new capability which will allow English for the first time, to properly name places and personal names as given originally as well as clearing the confusion already within English as to meaning and proper spellings of words or sharing concepts beyond data.



So, what do we have/offer?!

We have the important solution the Automation, Communications, Translations, Education, Business, Industry and Governments still NEED+WANT but have not yet found, by early adoption of initial primitive IT inventions and the resulted primitive innovations — and because none is/are developing the needed universal standards suitable to all our created cultural languages, like USCIIIIII CODE is.

I/we are open for the Open Innovation for wanted results.

What do we want/need?!

We need suitable partners, in the best interests of this resulted historically important project.

Languages, include cultural values and virtues we wish to keep when sharing, keeping, developing and learning to know plus understand and agree with truths plus facts and data related to the natural and superior meetings of minds and brains

Proposed Advanced Development

Our proposed advanced development is to take the initial work into partnership with the Global International Institution authorized to set such standards.

Concise Intercultural Translation Comprehension, is a yet new art in the yet new areas of 'SynTexting' "Natural-Logic" structures for humans and machines; because computers need proper instructions for proper operations.

Best Interests of The Project

Best interests of the project are a standard which covers all trading modern languages first, and the continuous development of communications among species.

Respectful of Intercultural Translation and comprehension levels of humans, animals and machines; the project aims to be instrumental in drawing closer all created as blessed to be and live together safely.

The Rewarding Benefits Expected

The rewarding benefits of the project, are the expected quality of communications among peoples and machines, which has not yet been developed.

Existing capabilities, of words based languages, can not overcome existing structured limitations of most natural languages which do not comply to wireless transfer through air and machines.