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HISTORY On One Hand On Other Hand On Both Hands Our Option Is

We can be employing the better view with modern information I have gathered in my proposal, in light of all these historically verified eminent truths by facts we all can trust.

There is a way, I shall share here


Amnon Michael Cohen

While up to date, the peoples on this world has not progressed in the needed blessed way and in its only blessed direction, by reasons of poor politics and religious mistaking against the blessing are what we have witnessed growing and more wars are now as well as stupidity by carelessness is what we are witnessing
יש עתיד מבורך

Our Open Options

  are shared here

If we are wise to accept the eminent truth and facts we have gathered through the almost 6,000 years of cultural and scientific evolution we now have and agree upon, we may have a better opportunity to fulfil the hope all people are thinking is the best hope for life to not end on earth and within the universe.

Cosmic Universal


The cosmic universal blessing of life first and our awareness of its being, are told originally as the tree of life and tree of wisdom, as the choice we made by not staying as all other living has been but taking responsibility of the blessings of striving for a better world to come.





We do have

We have the important solution the Automation, Communications, Translations, Education, Business, Industry and Governments still NEED+WANT but have not yet found, by early adoption of initial primitive IT inventions and the resulted primitive innovations — and because none is/are developing the needed universal standards suitable to all our created cultural languages, like USCIIIIII CODE is.

I/we are open for the Open Innovation for wanted results.

We do need
We need to learn the way

We need suitable partners, in the best interests of this resulted historically important project.

Languages, include cultural values and virtues we wish to keep when sharing, keeping, developing and learning to know plus understand and agree with truths plus facts and data related to the natural and superior meetings of minds and brains

Proposed is

Our proposed advanced development is to take the initial work into partnership with the Global International Institution authorized to set such standards.

Concise Intercultural Translation Comprehension, is a yet new art in the yet new areas of 'SynTexting' "Natural-Logic" structures for humans and machines; because computers need proper instructions for proper operations.

Serving the interests of creation

Best interests of the project are a standard which covers all trading modern languages first, and the continuous development of communications among species.

Respectful of Intercultural Translation and comprehension levels of humans, animals and machines; the project aims to be instrumental in drawing closer all created as blessed to be and live together safely.

The Rewards are

The rewarding benefits of the project, are the expected quality of communications among peoples and machines, which has not yet been developed.

Existing capabilities, of words based languages, can not overcome existing structured limitations of most natural languages which do not comply to wireless transfer through air and machines.

Bringing the becoming world