This BACK-DOOR website was set for explaining the links among our related discovery based inventions, from the initial "Flexible Power Fins" project and towards the yet futuristic "Nomadic Manufacturing of Flying-Boats" project.


Our Discovery based invention is highly beneficial to/for All Hulls, but our objective is starting with the first profitable part of the project, our innovated and tested "Flexible Power Fins" products line - so that less new funding will be needed as new revenues will help fund our further expansions and healthier, stronger and safer growth.

We also employ a wiser more modern business strategy plan, seeking collaboration with the wise suitable commercial partner.

Surf-Fins, Fly-Fins, Power-Fins, are products which are made for installation on existing boats and also ships — granting them superior economic and superior performance capabilities of Making Boats Fly and Ships Surf by our exclusive discovery which is best when employing our exclusive "Superior-Hulls' Design", and we also hope to produce our own Flying Boats by a special nomadic robotic manufacturing plants, automated Autonomous factories which are housed within shipping-containers and are shipped worldwide for serving many national markets at global locations where these boats will be offered to local, regional or national consumers. Starting with simple automation, we also have a concept for more advanced automation by the yet new art of Universal, Automatic Comprehension capability we have conceptualized.

Superior Hulls Inc, as SHInc.BC. owns highly valued discovery-based Maritime and Automation inventions, yet our innovations have not yet reached any markets, because the company is set to partner by the wisdom of "Pre-Patent Pre-Partnership Method", explained at the following websites.

"Pre-Patent Pre-Partnership Method Wisdom" is yet new method which is explained @ Patent Trading-Post website and also @  /new-method/ and visitors are invited to join the new wisdom's discussion forums we sponsor as well. Professionals and Government plus Industry (Leaders, managers, owners) are also invited to our other website set for advising Global Patent Systems and Governments about the advantageous concepts of PrePatent-PrePartnering more advanced proposed wisdom — where we know how to fix the damages to new inventions which are at risk from infringing Monopolies with the help of The PTAB the USAPTO has created, and offer the solution which the USAPTO actually (Politically) was aiming for...


This private Registered Canadian Company has developed "Superior Surface Effects Technologies" from a discovery which resulted with the "Superior Hulls Design" & "Superior Flexible Power FINS" and both products' lines are the key products and services which Superior Hulls Inc. owns while as well as seeking now its suitable needed incorporated, commercial-partner.


We also have this smaller project, which is related to the original discovery.

  Our HAND FINS Invention, is useful for Sky Diving, Skin Diving, Diving, Upper human-body Recovery & Rehabilitation, as well as Sports and competitions...

Our Government-Listed, Canadian Corporate Capability WAS CHANGED so if not found by a SEARCH here The Original Page Information can be found here


Superior Hull Speed Lift

Introduction to Maritime Opportunity.pdf

Flying Boats & Surfing Ships Opportunity.pdf

Robotic Manufacturing of Advanced Flying-Boats.pdf

Characterizable " Also sponsor the Cultural Development Project related to the merging of the Human Mind with the Electronic Brain

seeme SHInc.BC. CANADA/ISRAEL also has developed a needed solution for advancing "Artificial Intelligence" into the realm of "Automatic Comprehension", named "USCIIIIII CODE" for "Universal Super Natural Language-Tongues" This is an Open Innovation = Public Project...

Our USWEATT Automation division for Universal Intelligent Automation of Flexible Nomadic Manufacturing:

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