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This is a very special, safe and prosperous new business growth opportunity, for a wise major interest in the Maritime Industry

Our key interest is in the protection of the new vast market of this innovated discovery, so if your corporation is open and wise with hope to take leadership in the Maritime Industry with this discovery and its patent application, just contact us.

 About our discovery

We have discovered a very beneficial phenomenon that grants more than 10 ecological, economic, and superior performance with added comfort capabilities plus added safety, all as positive commercial benefits. "Starting with: No Wash, High Lift, Superior Performance hulls - better economy more comfort and pride of ownership"



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We welcome your referral of this opportunity, if you know the suitable commercial partner for this market ready project, and safe profitable new business growth opportunity.

A major, global, boats' manufacturer, shipbuilder, shipping interest, marine powering, as well as stability and advanced defense products' manufacturers

 About our Safer Business Development Strategy

Because our discovery is very beneficial for several economic, safety plus performance, including comfort  capabilities — we are searching for the suitable wise commercial partner who will be interested to collaborate in this market ready project and be rewarded by this new technological leadership for being part in helping the best proper introduction of our technologies into the National and International Maritime Markets.



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What We Can Offer?

There are at least 10 safe & tested commercial benefits which are added by the specialized fins added to any and all hulls, and more so by employing the advanced superior hulls design.

Multi Lubricated Hull

Multi-layer lubricated hulls, with additional load lifting and with superior performance plus comfort capabilities.

Energy Saving

By reduced resistances of wave-making, skin friction, and drag, these energy losses are regained as superior speed and fuel/power saving.

Superior Performance

Additional more stable and more comfortable riding boats with superior maneuverabilities, and for ships superior dynamic stability, and for defense also reduced ship signature.

Superior Hulls Design, grants:

Just few of many more key benefits

Maximum internal space,
Best performance capabilities,
Best comfort and safety at all speeds,

Best economic capabilities,

Superior stability,

Wider bow, triple hulls look,

Lowest draft.

Our Mission

To bring our discovery innovated products-line and our superior hulls design as new safe, advanced and desirable optional benefit for all mariners, boats owners and maritime shipping.

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Flexible Power Fins grant:

Just few of many more key benefits

Instant lifting capability,

Significantly improved performance,

Superior turning capabilities,

Wider economic speeds’ range added,
Much improved comfort and safety,
Improved powering/fuel economy.

How Do WE HELP Reduce Global Warming ?

Our invention also includes the option to eliminate exhausted fuel pollution of ships, starting by automatically enriching the air and oxygen content as the hull of a boat or ship passes/sailing over water.

In a very special innovated way, our patent is granting an impressive combination of several safer more comfortable green commercial benefits for boats' and ships' owners as well as special important defense qualities.

Pushing Wakes

Existing ships create resistance waves push exhaust fumes the air - but our invention resolves both these negatives effects and adds positive ones for ships and boats

Pushing Wake_edited

Our Original Greener Shipping !

The original concept of Superior Hulls, is greener and with ecological objectives which were created many years ago, while shipping fuels were/are the ones the industry is now targeting to eliminate by IMO targets for new fuels to be in use by 2030-2050 so with the new near future fuels the concept will be yet more environmental friendly and will keep its advantages on any other innovations for superior hulls, with better power efficiency and better shipping economy including the superior performance capabilities of the discovery based innovated "Product Line" plus Advanced Hulls' Design".

Years of Experience
Potential Clients Number
Countries Worldwide
Suitable for any and all water-crafts

As small as

1-lake Boat Lifts copy
As popular as
Shaldug copy
As fast as
NewCostaShipsLNG2 copy
As big as
Problems being solved by our invention
Why Fins BadBoat-Spills Evereting

NO Spill as you turn

why fins copy
NO Loss of Horizontal deck
NO Danger helicopter landing
italian wake yachts
NO Pushing wake with skin, drag and bow-wave making
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Few Key Benefits
Reduced Pollution estimated
Superior Performance
Safer Stability at least
Energy regain potential