Upgrade your boat

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Boat Plows water

Plowing Boats

Standard boats lift by V shaped hulls and many other added concepts trying to do what we can do for you.

Video of same boat with 1st phase lift.

Boat Fly on water
Flying Boats

We can upgrade your boat to lift and fly on water.  Here we show the first phase lift only so to hide our secret.

Our Test Boat

We employed a small test-boat for best research and development results in the real world conditions, and we also had a test in a tow-tank for a ship with displacement hulls type.

1-lake Boat Lifts copy
Boat lifting
1-lake Boat Runs copy
boat running
SheFlys copy
Small video of the boat running on water
  • 1996 SHInc registered after technology transfer from OBH LTD.

  • 2020 This site created
  • 2021 Project as opportunity for suitable partner.