About Us
Our History

The original concept was innovated from a discovery as a product-line and new advanced hulls design, and following success, a patent application was in placed and a newer one is also active now.

Our Vision

With our technologic gift to all mariners and the contribution of the new science for advancing the maritime industry in highly valued positive way, we aim at delivering safer more comfortable sailings

Our Future

Our future depends on our initial success of partnering with the proper major maritime partner we are looking for in this opportunity, and yet together our future is secure because of the advancements the project brings to the maritime industry.

Our special Maritime Project

The corporate project is secured by wise stratigic business development plan


With patent ownership, the project is safe and with our special understanding and experience with the invention the technology will grow.

Advanced Business Development

Further projects protection is to be gained by sought partnership collaboration with a major corporation in the maritime industry

New Advanced Technology

Products and services are derivable worldwide by automation and simplicity.

Acting Team
Kalman Katz

Consulting Agent

Opheer O Cohen


Amnon M Cohen


My Icky
Icky R Shalev


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Latest News

Here we are sharing our business development strategy


Patent application is being processed, and a prior application was not publish. so that when ready to go to market, we and our partners will have the full maximum protection for the technology - while keeping our trade secrets as extra protection

Wisdom we employ for protection

Protecting new important patents is wiser in our modern times, when PTAB risks from the patent office can add much unwanted risks, is a key concern for developers of yet new markets for new technologies, products and designs.

    Business Development

    Strategic safe and very profitable Business development is reserved for our partnering with the suitable, willing and capable commercial corporation in the Maritime Industry.

    National & Global Marketing

    Patent application is in place but publishing is yet reserved, as we select the origin and global regions we shall open by licensing as well as manufacturing our specially beneficial product-line and yet new advanced hulls design.  As we set this realms, we shall start publishing and marketing the innovated technology and its resulted products.