Our prototype Test Boats

We had chosen real world test as well as scientific studies and a combination of both, so we get the best understanding of the phenomenon and how to exploit it in the safes as well as most beneficial ways.   This has resulted with our developing alternative product lines of the fins for actions which can delivers soft and rigid action, higher and lower lifting, added loading and superior turning, and even advanced defense, recreation or racing capabilities.

1-lake Boat Lifts copy
1-lake Boat Runs copy
running flying
SheFlys copy
running on its keel
Our prototype Test ship

As part of pure scientific study, we have tested a combination of two capabilities of the invention, both in one set of tests, and found that while we can not lift the ship at full power we do get 20.6% increased speed to power output, which is like 20% fuel savings on a ship which is already as advanced as the industry makes but yet not designed by the "Superior Hulls" design advantages.

halifax copy
we implemented combined test for these kind of naval defense ships
Superior Speeds

The special single or multiple lubrication can add 20%-30% efficiency which can be translated to new top speed and fuel saving plus wider speeds range.

Superior Stability

The automated flexible action of the fins acts like anti-rolling sterilizers without consuming added energy in most effective way.

Superior Manuverability

The automated fins also act to grant the ship sharper horizontal turning in a soft or rigid action.

Superior Silencing

The installed fins limiting the wave making and directing the sound of the ship is such way that we think to only only 15º  of the direct horizontal water under the ship, making it detectable only to submarines which are directly under the ship.

TowTankModelTest copy

tow tank model test

July 2024
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Boats & Ships

Boats, with planning hulls gain different advantages than ships employing displacement hulls, and both gain some similar advantages from the invention as an add-on product or as advanced design.

3 copy
Needs Flexible fins

can benefit from the flexible fins

very suitable for using flexible fins