Modern Business Wisdom

Where the Global Economy is more and more dominated by Global Monopolies, most if not all new smaller businesses with big future are at major risk of takeovers after initial success.

This is a very risky commercial environment for investors and inventors with discoveries, inventions, innovations, new methods and solutions or systems with a big future, starting up, trying to reach and develop new markets for wanted and exciting new products, services.

Why Inventors better Choose More Modern Wisdom?

The metaphor of the wisdom is: "To be able to safely swim in sharks eating sharks water."

With the protection of patent plus patent insurance plus a collaboration partnership with a major corporation others respect because it is able to protect the project, pirated competition is much less likely, and the risks like PTAB patent infringements or market access are reduced to fair growth opportunity which is based more on the quality and capabilities of product or service you are investing in.

Best Advice

 Our wisdom had served us so well for many years, so we see it as the best advice we can share with our contacts. 

Free sharing

 Strategic thinking is shared with diligent honorable business partners. 

Only good projects

Only good projects are suitable. 

We help investors in inventions, because!

After my retirement I have continued with working in hope for my beneficial important inventions to be reaching the market, and am sharing wisdom which had served me very well for many years.  As a successful inventor I have found real early that the odds for success are minimal for reasons described better in the Super Economy Proposal website.

The link  Super Economy Proposal

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1st Advice

The first advice is for investing in projects you naturally like because you have knowledge and understanding plus history to help you evaluate and add value to the project, thereby gaining better safer terms and personal satisfaction.

Strategy and Planning

You can choose to be active in the selected project.

Finance and Restructuring

You can have the investment managed for you by your trusted service providers.

Audit and Evaluation

You can monitor your new investment growth from inside or outside as you prefer.

Support and Maintenance

You can be active in growing the project together with its new business developments team.

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Collaborate and make an impact with your business

Take good care to collaborate with needed partners and to make good positive impact with your business capabilities within your targeted Industry, markets, by local, national plus international reach.

Expend your expertise so to build the things that matter for you.

Focus on the special Capabilities and Expertise of your business, so to build plus improve the key things that are important and matter for your special business development strategy.

Customer Satisfaction is key for any business from initial start and on

Always remember that Customer Satisfaction is the most important part of new as well as existing business, as it reduces damaging costs and promotes new business growth by referrals from satisfied clients and better public opinion and interest - from the start and during all your business years.