CALL FOR: Pre-Patent Commercialization, for best profitable satisfaction

Inventors and Investors, are the parents and guardians of new commercial projects resulted from theirs financial and personal investments, and are the best guardians in developing such new beneficial products and services plus arts and capabilities.
The public benefits from the best that the markets can produce, in a modern economy – so we have the answer we call The Super Economy.

The existing old way, we all use and live with, will take much time and money to have a patent issued and then mostly many years after some commercial applications start the beneficial public awareness process – unfortunately most inventions do not enjoy the long time given for growing the original developers’ work into an incorporated local, regional, national or international production and distribution marketing and services company.
There is a need for similar strength a large monopoly has in introducing its new products or services; a strength which can come from proper safe and accountable honorable and most efficient natural selection of needed funding or talents or know-how or capabilities by public bidding process.
The Super Economy, is based on new ideas you take to market, by personal and assisted growing investment during the development process needing many services we propose will be handled by our proposed universally intelligent automation and wisdom based website – which is a Trading Post for Pre-Patent Registry.

In simpler words, we are employing the method and it works so well – we are looking at profits on production costs at 2000% and this is very rich indeed!
“Why Walk-On-Water if we Can Fly-On-Water.!?”