Welcome to 5778/2017-2018

This year I have updated this yet new website, so to replace the older one, also sponsored by my company, for benefiting by informing all other modern wiser inventors and investors wishing to realize successful implementation of yet promising projects in the more proficient and less disappointing and much less stressful and risky ways which had evolved as standard in the industry.   The objective, is to reverse the historic failure of most projects based on new inventions, because of poor patent system and poor government policies which exploit and not actually support new discoveries based arts and capabilities.

This year, if you count all years since the beginning of the evolution of human wisdom on our planet, is the year 5778.   This year is also the year 2017 we use for business and communications, which is 2017 years since the original re-modernization of the yet older culture the world had adopted, also in the name of science, technology and religion.