Patents Trading Post


After too many years that The Global Patenting System has been evolving in selfish and destructive competitive ways, I am pleased to update the older website with one of the key features of the proposed modernization proposal needed by all global Inventor & Investors as well as positively evolving Industries.

At the updated website while we are not yet activating the “Silent Auction” feature we are only posting samples of the HAVE WANT NEED elements of a project, startup or accelerated growth ones. If you study the CHARTED proposal, you can recognize it is part of THE MODERN WISDOM already tested successfully by our company as the winner since 1974 over all the years up to today.

Protecting new Valued IP is more of a must now, 47 years after and into the future, if you are an inventor seeking to protect your Discovery, innovated and patentable (As long as you keep your secrets and trade-secrets) so to protect, yourself, your partners, your investors and mostly your market and its consumers.