Wisdom keep wining

Our shared Wisdom keep wining for the last 14 years we have been sharing it with visitors and members of this website and its related other website, and in fact, the sponsoring company has enjoyed the wisdom for over 44 years. It is not our prediction of the future as it is the recognition of the negative modern ways the industry had shifted to serve itself and monopolies more than the basis of the Patent Mandate for cultivating healthy economic growth based on new discoveries and innovations that inventors and investors can bring to the markets.

Unfortunately Governments had also neglected to support innovation by the safety and success that only natural selection can bring, and not limiting new patents and investments in startups for takeover EXIT opportunities that are now the way the industry has adopted. The result is limited evolution of few selected industries which are locked in dead-end evolution yet growing new HighTech which are not actually adding to the safety and quality of life — wile many products and services are simply not reaching the markets, or grow the economy as is originally set as the objectives of the Patent Mandate itself.