More damaging bills in USA against Inventors

 Please note another three damaging bills to the innovations industry. S. 2774 – the Pride in Patent Ownership Act, which is getting attached to the National Defense Authorization Act. (URGENT)Information here: S.4417 – the Patent Trial and Appeal Board Reform Act of 2022Information here: S.4734 – the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act of 2022Information here:

The Other WebSite, where you can join your special Interest Group, and Forum.

The complementary website where all concerned professionals are invited to join, and contribute wisdom or ask questions is called and it has some of the qualities of the original proposal for Governments to step into the better Global Super Economy by adding to National Patent Office the “Pre-patent Registry and silent Trading-Post” which paves READ MORE

The STRONG Political competition to my proposal, ignores the need of mending the wrongs and erosion of the US & Global Patent system.

“Day One Project” organization has put together a strong group of pro-BIDEN IP experts and relative insiders who have drafted and published a Transition Document for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Here are few of the key proposals: • Increase international collaboration during patent examination, including simultaneous examination with IP5 offices.• Reorganize our IP READ MORE

חכמה חדשנית ליזמים

היום חשוב להיות חכמים יותר בתור יזמים מתחילים וגם למי שכבר מנוסים בשוקי העולם, וללמוד ולדעת להבין לעומקה, את החכמה החדישה שמורה לך האתר הזה לזהות במאבקי הענקים עם הגדולים וגם עם חברות ״הקטנים/הפרטיים״ בשווקי כלכלה העולמית הגועשת וההומה ירשנו מערכת שאינה מתאימה למיצוי הפיתוח של כל הרעיונות הטובים שנלחצים לצד בהתעלמותם של המנהלים של READ MORE