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The Superior Economy is an innovated more modern economic development tool for wiser Governments which are willing to respect and support as well as honor plus profit in much bigger way from the actual “natural reality” of the innovation process and its resulted more positive business-development of yet new products, services and capabilities which are based on new discoveries and innovated arts as yet new inventions.


Following here, below, is the original draft of the concept, where the Pre-Patent Registry is added to the existing patent system, for facilitating the Incubation and administer the automated Silent Trading at the Trading-Post which harvests new commercial projects without human interference in the honorable computerized system of HAVE WANT NEED type orders which are registered by qualified clients and also documents the active auctioning in a competitive process of prepartnering during the prepatent phase of yet new commercial patents.  This prepatent-prepartnering process is designed for secured incubation and maturing new IP based projects for obtaining the human, industrial, business, personnel each project needs – including advisory and service providers input in the best interests of each incubated “Commercial Project” being developed during the Prepatent Prepartnership phase of each new business evolution into a solid profitable Start-Up Opportunity by also securing its original future at the market place also granting its owners a much stronger and less disputable ownership rights.   This proposed innovated Patent System is projected to bring back the trust of inventors plus serve the interests of major corporations interested in new exciting projects, and as you may see from this proposal it covers all arts and industries plus all sectors of a healthy economic development initiative and its management and governing programs.

This original Economic Development Tool is for a prototype computerized automated system to help discoveries and innovations be supported and secured by actual value in them according to real timely free market ways.


PTAB has been added to the America Invents Acts, and it actually has been bringing the opposite negative effect of this proposal, and this proposal can actually lower the demand/workload on PTAB as fewer disputes will come as a result of having stronger startups resulted from the prepatent prepartnering process who will be also more able to defend ownership of granted patents.

See why this proposal is the opposite of PTAB risk to the industry in THIS VIDEO

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  1. This flow-chart ABOVE shows how the many elements of economic development based on yet new original intellectual properties can be in harmony with the existing shifting cataclysmic global economy, more and more dominated by the established corporate entities which ignore or set to acquire any merging startups hoping to reach the threshold positions in local, national or international markets.
    The only input the USA PTO had published, from my proposals is found at: https://www.uspto.gov/sites/default/files/about/advisory/ppac/comment-cohen.pdf

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