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Getting & Keeping a U.S. Patent

Just so you know:
In order to have a realistic chance to obtain a patent from the USPTO, and keep the patent if and when challenged, more is required of patent drafters than was even a few years ago. This is compounded by the inescapable reality that nearly two-thirds of all patent applications filed at the USPTO in one way relate to a software innovation, where there is much disagreement among even Federal Circuit Judges with respect to what is and what is not a patent eligible innovation – and what is and what is not required to support the innovation in the specification. 

Our recommended “Commercial Protection” first, is more and more the only option a wise inventor has, unless one just want to pay fees without expected benefits.

Legal Wisdom is important, so here are links we found as helpful for keeping your ownership and rights.

Here you can find wisdom we recommend as example of the risks