Governments’ Policies and Programs as well as Institutions selected for helping in the Regional and National Economies, are the hub of the real annual economic activities and growth or decline— as well as to the deciding factor for individuals and corporations planning and investments in creating and cultivation of new business or ending economic activities in the region or nation.

Historically, along with the growth of The Industrial Evolution where Big Business with Big Employment was the key source for Taxation Revenues, but Big Business has left for production in lower taxation and employment costs to other nations — and so Governments have been focused during the last decades on cultivating “small business”, as in most cases the hopes of smaller entrepreneurs are innocent of the failure of Government to set realistic support for NATURAL, REALISTIC and also Attractive Taxation levies and thereby “EARN” Taxation Rights, meaning creating a method where people, individuals and corporations will be happy to pay and not aim to avoid paying taxes.   Yes, is seems strange to think that people will like to pay taxes, but where and if Governments are planing to be more honorable and accountable plus proficient and do not just aim to “milk” the cash and income in the economy for its self-serving — and by transforming into what is proposed withing “The Global Taxation Treaty” we can expect renewed and more solid long term National Economic Growth in each such wise Government.