Global Taxation is a major interest for any corporation, starting on the local, regional and national levels of taxation, duties and regulations — in all aspects of production, employment, management and distribution of marketed products and services.  The better the taxation system/policy the more attractive it will be for inventors and corporations.

The general view of the super-economy proposal, is eliminating the duplicated taxation, by the natural “earning of taxation rights” model, where taxation is in harmony with the real production and distribution of the goods and services provided to the market.   The super-economy model proposes a way where an idea is generated in a given location, but is funded from the same or another location, produced in parts in any of other locations as well as marketed to yet other locations — all of which is in the best interests of creating and marketing a safe wanted product or service.  This is so to allow an idea to be formed and registered within one recognized jurisdiction, be funded and made in other global locations as well as marketed in any global markets where there is a market for the service or products.

As of now, there is no such Treaty for Global Taxation by a new International Institute for all member industrial nations to share the “earned” interests in any given goods and services, so companies do move offshore and set up manufacturing and distribution which serves theirs corporate interests best; a method which create losses to nations where the origin was created, where the ownership is, and consumers do not get the best value on products and services offered by global monopolies as well as less choices in a world of diminishing competitive powers.  We see that governments do recognize the need to help grow small business, but they do not have the wisdom which will be popular and acceptable for good business and in accordance with the nature of the trade, because again they aim at the taxation earnings they do not get from global conglomerates — and because governments do not have the method yet developed, The Super Economy proposal is that wisdom no Government has yet been wise to ask for and adopt for implementation.