The STRONG Political competition to my proposal, ignores the need of mending the wrongs and erosion of the US & Global Patent system.

“Day One Project” organization has put together a strong group of pro-BIDEN IP experts and relative insiders who have drafted and published a Transition Document for the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Here are few of the key proposals: 
• Increase international collaboration during patent examination, including simultaneous examination with IP5 offices.
• Reorganize our IP engagement with China IP Engagement with a more coherent and effective approach.
• Review of the non-patentability-factors used by the PTO to deny IPR institution (such as PTO money, and parallel litigation).
• Expand IPRs to allow for consideration if indefiniteness and also double patenting.
• Move forward with comprehensive patent eligibility reform.
• Anonymous examination (examiners don’t know identity / race / gender / national origin of the patent applicant).
• Fix PTAB Constitutionality (once Supreme Court decides Arthrex).
• Studying diversity and working to incentivizing minorities (especially African-Americans) to invent and file for patent protection.
• $$$:
◦ Raising patent filing fees to address decline in maintenance fee payments (portfolio pruning) and also to “dampen frivolous filings.”
◦ Further increasing maintenance fees to encourage release of patents to the public where the patentee is not making a sufficient return-on-investment.
• Trademark: Make the process seriously user friendly.
• Give USPTO Substantive Rulemaking Authority
• Establish the USPTO Bureau of Economics
• Small-Claims Patent Court
• Expand Patents for Humanity Program

So while it is clear that Wise Modernization (Beehive making honey by attracting more bears/clients) is the best focus as is proposed here at this website, so that Inventors can trust the USAPTO institution more than we do now because of its many shortcomings, starting by fulfilling its mandate as an economic development tool and not a powerful yet not effective authority.

In the past, the USAPTO was responsive and did serve inventors, but as to my patent applications still in the process for 2 years since submission, it just shows they have lost more than trust.

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