Venetian Patent Statute

While prior in Greece there was such concept shared, the legal structure for Patent Protection is first documented in this “Venetian Patent Statute” in 1474.

It had been developed during the centuries and for many years it is in need of upgrading according to this original pure mandate and not by its distorted legal complications, so it does what it was designated to do also in our modern times. This is the reason behind the wisdom posted within this website.

Here is the popular translation of this original document:

There are in this city, and also there come temporarily by reason of its greatness and goodness, men from different places and most clever minds, capable of devising and inventing all manner of ingenious contrivances. And should it be provided, that the works and contrivances invented by them, others having seen them could not make them and take their honor, men of such kind would exert their minds, invent and make things which would be of no small utility and benefit to our State. Therefore, decision will be passed that, by authority of this Council, each person who will make in this city any new ingenious contrivance, not made heretofore in our dominion, as soon as it is reduced to perfection, so that it can be used and exercised, shall give notice of the same to the office of our Provisioners of Common. It being forbidden to any other in any territory and place of ours to make any other contrivance in the form and resemblance thereof, without the consent and license of the author up to ten years. And, however, should anybody make it, the aforesaid author and inventor will have the liberty to cite him before any office of this city, by which office the aforesaid who shall infringe be forced to pay him the sum of one hundred ducates and the contrivance immediately destroyed. Being then in liberty of our Government at his will to take and use in his need any of the said contrivances and instruments, with this condition, however, that no others than the authors shall exercise them.

PTAB is a very sad way to take what is granted

USA PTO actually Permits Infringement
The creation of PTAB (2011) was when the shift from protecting innovations had worsened because of the self-interests of the legal art profession had made a PTAB TOOL pass for Infringement on original Inventors.
It is sad, that the USA PTO had become a revenue generator from charging inventors and not living up to its original and only mandate of A TOOL FOR NEW ORIGINAL ECONOMIC INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT for The Nation and The World.
For few years already, the USA PTO actually Permits Infringement by its major clients

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