World View of Patent Registration SHIFT

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***NEWS: In the past, I did not predict this massive shift in global registration away from the USA PTO but I did suggest more then 20 years ago the proposal for modernizing the way we were handled as inventors, and what Governments are better to do to tap the vast value in my proposal. The Government and USA PTO had taken some of what I gave them but by being the first IP pirates to use my ideas, they failed without my further needed input as “The Mother of Invention”.

Well, these days, even though you can not file in China or Europe as you can at the USAPTO the public has voted to secure IP rights in other global markets.

You can see the information published at —> <— and capture more of what I am writing about.

The Super Economy proposal still has much merit if my Trade Secrets (which were not yet shared, so to protect its value) is implemented, as itself is a growth industry and the long view is Global Taxation as well as trading on worldwide basis with less complications and by safer implementations of new found IP wealth.


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