The Modern yet New Global Super-Economy, is initially based on the wisdom shared in our forums listed here, among wiser Investors plus Inventors representing yet new products and services or capabilities; staring with Ideas or Discoveries of new Intellectual property arts, science, design and alike.

The "Global Super Economy" membership of Inventors + Investors as providers of newer better products and services — is based on wisdom we share with owners of merging incorporations developing yet new advanced products, services and capabilities plus arts. Its proposed "Global Taxation Treaty" where 'earning' taxation-rights is part of the contribution to benefit from its rewards as an idea, solution, proposal, discovery, innovation and or any new patentable arts

By helping us help others, you benefit from our wisdom and help as well as being part of the process of growing the industry to more profitable and more successful corporate growth.

We offer our members and readers, to also donate and help us extend our yet free offered consultation skills, to investors and inventors and partners of holders of Patentable products, services and capabilities, in the most proficient way yet devised for success in the most competitive and cataclysmic plus shifting global economy - helping gifted inventors and investors employ wisdom (as posted for the proposed HUB of the Trade Center modeled after the global-taxation-treaty concept of the "Pre-patent Pre-partnering WISDOM") we share

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