Here we share the key points we like you to capture.

There are new trends in the industry to market old technologies which has been updated to advanced capabilities of our time, and these are FOILS + ELECTRIC technologies — but our yet new DISCOVERY, Innovated as simply automated “Flexible FINS” for Boats and Ships and our “Superior Hulls” design for multi layer lubricated hulls of ships are not only more economic to buy and install plus use, but are also more practical, safe, well tested, beneficial, economic, highly effective products. (Which make Electric Boats/Ships more economic to use, and make boats fly without Foils.)

Because of the importance of our discovery and the patent but mostly protecting our clients, we are not selling yet till we find the proper wise partner in the project.

We are seeking to find a suitable commercial partner in our market ready project, because it is based on a very beneficial new advanced technology which can make a major positive impact on the industry — and this is why it need protection that a small private inventor company is simply not able to grant it.

Wisdom is the real reason why we do employ this wiser modern business development strategy.

The new technology:

The technology upgrade existing boats capabilities as well of ships, by two major options.

1. Add-on product

2. Advanced “Superior Hulls Design”

At least 10 safe commercial benefits, by very cost effective technologic upgrade.

Mariners will love to have the technology for these advantages:


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