What is special about this opportunity, is the modern wisdom employed so to protect the owners and partners in the project – because of its potential to impact the industry to shift towards using its technology as the most modern advancement in the industry – and because the new technology is based on a discovery the industry had been hoping to be found and developed. “Superior Hulls” has done more, by innovating the technology to be simplified and most effective and offered at low cost and be highly profitable/rewarding.

In the past, before the AIA and PTAB risks for new patents, an inventor published the IP (Intellectual Property) and started a new start-up company which as it grew attracted major corporate interests who wish to trade or take-over the company or be hostile and just copy or pirate the IP so to compete with the original owners of the IP without licensing or buying its products and services.

Modern wisdom is indicating to us that we are better to find the suitable major corporation who will welcome the special opportunity to be partner from the start, as if it is an in-house innovation they were not able to develop or discover as the inventor has done, and be the ones to bring the technology and tap the vast market projected for the project – which is realized when you see the many commercial benefits and the global spectrum of the “FlexiblePowerFINS” product line or the “Superior Hulls Design” itself.

This is the visual image of the old way of innovations, and why we propose to bypass the middle phases of the more expensive and highly risky process of bringing to market new safe and highly beneficial technological advantages, directly from the Inventor to the Major/Global Partner

Here are the safe commercial benefits gained by one simple installation.

7%-20%-40% more efficiency depending on the existing hull and selected upgrade.
These are the already identified safe commercial benefits of the technology

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