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Limitations of existing A.I.

A.I. The use of ASCII CODE (For English), is the first limitations of developing the actual dream/hope for linking the human mind with the electronic brain.

English can not properly write or pronounce properly even names of people and places without twisting them into its limitations in a distorted way, and computers and more so Binary Code is can not deliver properly Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text where no concise method is provided as in USCIIIIII-CODE.

A.I. is a game like technology, so its reliability is far from ample, farther from good and very far from perfection by employing the wrong ways to try an seem helpful beyond mathematics. As to Natural Languages and Natural Logic, only USCIIIIII-CODE has the insight into the blessed creation ways.

In fact, I can not even write what I can explain by voice and wisdom in person only, by the limitations of ASCII-CODE and English! The reason I had not done what industry has done, by going ahead on the wrong way for greed and monopoly building reasons, is that no one can claim ownership on English or and other of the more than 5,000 Natural Languages and cultures they hold, and this is why I had originally stopped expecting that my Open Innovation will be pursued by a Major respected and Honorable Institution for creating the Universal Standard the Industry has not been and probably will not develop without my very special gifted wisdom.
Lets see now...


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