The Other WebSite, where you can join your special Interest Group, and Forum.

The complementary website where all concerned professionals are invited to join, and contribute wisdom or ask questions is called and it has some of the qualities of the original proposal for Governments to step into the better Global Super Economy by adding to National Patent Office the “Pre-patent Registry and silent Trading-Post” which paves the way for better Global Taxation by contributions of members nations (The Taxation Treaty Concept)

The Provisional Patent was meant to be the Preliminary/Pre-Patent registration so to grant the owner(s) of the new Intellectual Property the basic security in preparations for all the process needed to be completed prior to entering the market with stronger patent and preferably the team and partners already selected by the silent pre-patent trading in the new art — as it also creates a safer stronger patent protection for the resulted wanted economic growth related to the new discovery, concept, innovation, capability, solution, system, method, product, service, technology, knowhow and alike.

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